Green Tea

11/30/2013 05:59:00 PM

Chillin' out with matcha bubble tea, get something cold in rainy season finally. Found back this tee that I bought on fifth grade when I was cleaning the closet, and can't find anything cozier to match on except this suspender skirt - which was my current favorite since I wear it up to three times in a week. I found love in any flare skirt lately, and boyfriend said wearing skirt too much for daily basis allows your thighs grow bigger and flabbier - is that myth or fact...or he just trying to pranks me off?

Emerald Garden - my first themed self-nail art

 Just love what's written on the cup seal, are you?

What I Wear

Green tee - (forgot - bought it in a long time ago)
Suspender skirt - Cloth Inc
Boots - Pull & Bear
Bracelet - Stradivarius
Long Peacock Ring - Dutzie c/o Berrybenka

Photographs by B. Raharja

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  1. peacock ring nya lucuuu.. ^^
    I love green too! :D

  2. OH! I love your outfit! It`s perfect! Your shoes are gorgeous!
    If you`ll have time, please visit my blog and follow me:)
    Kisses ;*

  3. cantiiiik kak :) perfect! salam kenal :)

    mampir juga ya kak ke blog aku :)


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