Comic and Blue-Sky

11/22/2013 04:22:00 PM

Just one hot lazy day, and my amethyst ring (I'm aqua actually, according to the birthstone thingy), and the self-painted ladybug-to-be nail art, and decision of wearing back my spring/summer staple (you know, denim-and-that super mini comic bodycon skirt). And yes, the sky was so blue and wonderful, and am wondering why it stop raining this week... I wish I could eat ice cream for dinner tonight.

And oh, this picture randomly reminds me of palm tree and exotic casa a la Mediterranean (or is it just really is?).

What I Wear

Denim shirt - Expand c/o Matahari
Comic con skirt - Bershka
Shoes - Vi & Vie c/o Matahari
Ring - TLTSN
Bag pack - Topman

Photographs by B. Raharja

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  1. Nice outfit !! Like your style !!
    Greetings, Sara

  2. nice outfit >_< you're so pretty! huhuw
    cantiknya natural bgt kamu >_<

  3. suka banget sama roknya. btw, sambil baca post kamu aku lagi makan es krim, lho. dan di sini jam 10 malam, hihihi :D

  4. Cute skirt dear :D


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  6. great skirt...
    Can we follow each other?

  7. Hello there!
    You got a really nice blog layout! :D
    I love this outfit too, keep it up! ^^


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