NaÏve Live is an online life/style journal, formerly known as an award winner blog The Mad Shopper’s Dressing Room. The blog was relaunched in the Spring of 2016 with a more fresh genuine pack and view of the very own journey and experience in style and fashion, upon beauty products and makeups, the feel of allure to the music, and culinary tasting as well as travel and shopping spree. For the love of sharing and creating, in hope it might as well be an inspiration and helpful source of a whole new picture to the audiences and readers.

Elisabeth ‘Sasha’ Krist started to write the blog back in February 2013, sparking interest in journalism and the idea of documenting her shopping spree in the form of personal outfit. Through the first concept of the blog, The Mad Shopper’s Dressing Room, she has garnered the first place of Matahari Fashion Award from one of the biggest department store in Indonesia, features in various media and brand, reporting for Jakarta Fashion Week, also co-hosting a clothing brand event. In 2014, Sasha has been landed an internship for the whole Spring/Summer with CosmoGIRL! Magazine. The experience has impacted and enriched her point of view on fashion/style and media industry in a very good way. She decided to take a hiatus for the blog, while making changes and improvement from the very first concept.

Sasha is currently on the final semester for the bachelor degree majoring in English literature study, focusing on singing/music and is an alto member of Voice of Indonesia, nurturing some business, and of course... journaling life and love in NaÏveLive, naÏvely and lively.

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