Flowers Are Blue

10/26/2014 12:00:00 AM

There are times when we feel so low in self-esteem, but there are also times when we feel good and so in confidence. I'm feelin' bad and low about myself these few months, and actually I was intend to keep it by myself... but nothing's change or going better of this feeling, so I decided to write it up. Maybe this could make me feel better about myself. I know we change as we are growing up (as I ever wrote before), and I might don't like how I changed. I started to stop doing what I like, I can't help even though I still want to... And walk out off the comfort zone, in a very bad way because it seems that I can't find myself anymore... I have no real social life anymore, even now I'm bad at picking up lines unlike I'm used too. I want 'me' to comeback, but I still can't find how. Sometimes I feel it's a lack of space, I feel like I have no space at home lately, and all I want is moving-out and start living independently by my own. I know that this is common for those who born or bred Western. But I raised Eastern in a family that believe that it's better to always (physically) together even when you are moving out the city or abroad for school, and especially having a mom that really over-protect me... I still haven't found out how to solve or went through this problem, that's why I write -- in hope that you will read this and may be come up with a good idea or point of view. :) 

So talk about the outfit. Going back to my favorite clothing piece (or call it uniform?) of flare skirt, and mix it with the blue cropped sweatshirt with a matching chunky necklace to it, and complete up the whole look with my current favorite black Chelsea boots. Wearing this preppy outfit on a Saturday afternoon in a park -- I even have no idea why I and my boyfriend love to spend the weekend on the park lately. Maybe because everything in the fall is so harmonious and good looking? Yeah. Flowers are blue, they are truly beautiful...and so you are. 

xo, Sasha.

What I Wear

New Look blue textured crop sweatshirt (similar here and here) & flowers gem chunky necklace, Cloth inc black flare skirt (similar with this) , KLAR acrylic bracelet, and a Topshop chunky Chelsea boots (will also love this, this one, and that)

Photos by B. Raharja

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  1. Love the entire ensemble! you look so beautiful

  2. I love my black skater skirt, it's a staple in my closet. This outfit is great! Love the color of your sweater.
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

  3. aaaaaa...cantiiiiiiik cantiiiiiik...crop top knitnya ketjeeeehhhh sekaliiiii:))

    visit Style with Story • | instagram •

  4. I really love your outfit, and the necklace is so beautiful!!

  5. I read your first paragraph and I can realte 100% I was in a place like this recently (around a year ago tbh) and the best advice I can give you is just chill out for a second. Get your priorities right, take a cup of tea take a bath just fucking chill and start a blank canvas again. Then start painting.
    The boots tho, those are effin nice, are those suede?

  6. What a nice outfit, you look so pretty!

    Have a lovely weekend!
    XO, Melissa - Melissa's Diary

  7. lovely necklace dear ;)

    Take care,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd
    instagram > @rizunaswon

  8. I am from Turkey and family means a great deal to us too, so I completely understand what you mean by wanting to become independent, I wanted to stay at the dorm this year for instance and my mother said that I can't... But there is always a better side of the story, just try to think of things that make you happy in a situation. Losing yourself can actually be good, it means that now you have a clear space to build yourself up, just the way you want it. And I guess it's even better to lose yourself at this age! Just try to find some inspiration, read stuff, watch funny TV shows, go out running, go out shopping, hang out with friends, make your relationships better with your family members, it will all work out at the end, trust me!
    You look really pretty in the snapshots by the way, keep on smiling! xx | Room 95

  9. Such a cute look, I love the color of your sweater!!
    XO Courtney


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