The Paisley

7/25/2013 04:36:00 PM

I've been dreaming and looking for a pair of skirt...the preppy type one - you know, the kind of private school skirt - since I (always) miss my childhood and school time and wish I would never grow up. 

So, with a lot choices of a la private school skirt around in the store and my favorite high street brands, I've paced back and forth and round and still can't find my ideal one. I think the plain colored one is kinda...boring. The plaid one really looks like a uniform I used to wear back on the school days. I want the particular pattern...

But unfortunately... there's NO skirt in store with exact pattern (or looks like) as I see in my head. I decided to do the skirt by myself. First, I'm going to look for the fabric. So I stepped ahead to the convection and textile store, and fabric and tailor market. After going around here and there (call this process complicated, but I seriously love hunting), I found the exact fabric as I see on my head. The pattern sparked my heart the first time I touch and pull it out of the rack. Curious to see what it's look like?

Click click!

 Here it is:

The Paisley. 
It surely looks graceful in my eye; with the right color, the right paisley structure.
Found it in an Indian family's fabric shop, on an old market.

So after this beautiful fabric wrapped and brought home, I drew some sketch of the skirt exact contour. Well, since I never sewed a 'big thing' or tailored before, I decided the shortcut. I brought the fabric and my sketch to my boyfriend's tailor, and ta-dah! 

The very next week, I got the exact skirt as I see in my head. It's very comfortable to wear around, and... I already strike some outfit shoot with The Paisley. 

I really can't wait to show you what it's look like!

With all the love,
The Mad Shopper's.

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