Red Bow

7/27/2013 02:38:00 PM

  Eventually, the rainfall decrease. I was worried the whole last week that this 'summer peak' will only happens temporarily, but thankfully it's not. It was a beautiful weather the day we took this shot - I accompanied my boyfriend whom (finally!) can go out to work on his little project (oh well, weather-dependent job, you know). I couldn't be happier than the sun that finally came out, I'm so excited I begged him to stole a little time to do my outfit photo shoot.

 I'm always in the mood of dresses-and-skirts these last two weeks, so this time I decided pull out this t-shirt dress. I bought it about two years ago, and (for honest) the cutting line doesn't suit me best anymore - you know, growing up problem (or maybe... the problem of 2.5 lbs weight increase?)
  So since it's a sunny day, I decided to add it with the more colorful blouse that may increase some happy mood on the outfit - that fortunately could conceal the "not suit me well anymore" problem at the same time.
the Red Bow detail add up a little happiness on the black t-shirt dress

the bow-and-stripes nail art experiment, that I've posted before on my newly instagram account. Click here to follow

Red bow blouse - TGIFashion
Black t-shirt dress - unbranded
Gold bow sling bag - Stradivarius
Taupe pump shoes - Charles & Keith

Photographs by B. Raharja P. S.

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