[contemporary] Heaven

2/16/2013 03:41:00 PM

Well, Valentine's Day was just over. And you know, that Love Day always reminds me of Bryan Adams' classic, Heaven. Check the lovely acoustic version here :)
Music always inspire me the best, and I should say, this look inspired by the song - but I felt that short makes me looks more...contemporary for heaven. LOL

I'm lack of sleep these days. It's been a tired long hard week, where I'm trying to balance everything - each time portion for my dreams, job, education, works, and even love life...so forgive my tired eyes and blackish under eyes.

the crochet detail of the white top and lace belt

Call me geeky, but this gold heels pump shoes is the best pair in my shoe rack so far.

White top, unbranded; Beige puffy pants, Arithalia; Pink lace headbands, DIY stuffs; Ribbon bracelet, Payless; Flower rings, Friday Night Bazaar @ Benton Junction; Taupe pump shoes, Charles & Keith

All shots taken by B. Raharja P. S.

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Btw, how's your Valentine's day? I appeared unprepared that day - came back late from last lecturing session, and my boyfriend picked me up early - so I didn't have any chance to take bath or dressed myself up. Happy belated Vday one! :)

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