The Old School Rebel

2/10/2013 06:55:00 PM

Woke up early for the shot. Somehow, we've got an idea to take this when the sunrise -- perhaps because this is an 'old school', the time when we used to wake up early for school? 
Some rebel kids back on my high school days inspired me to wore this ensemble. You don't know how much precious the thing is until it goes off your life -- we often complained a lot for the home works, projects, and exams, but when the time flies away, somehow you realized how much the process means a lot and shaped your own future. I miss being a school girl, honest.

in my mind, about how this look gonna be - before:

my wild child(ren) and...a heart-shaped tattoo

this cut-off jeans is one of my favorite - the cuts spell "I <3 U" - cute isn't it? ;)

Anyway, when I reviewed this shot results, I realized that this look reminds me of Michelle Branch's Are You Happy Now song back from 2003. Watch the MV here.

Black tank top, Ezpresso; Cut-off jeans, Gaudi; Red scarf, black-net stocking, Colorbox; Ankle sneakers, Converse 

 Photographs by B. Raharja P. S.

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  1. You got pretty close to your drawing! well done and thought out! I like the pantyhose by the way!


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