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10/20/2014 05:56:00 PM

I always got curious of the emerging new designer, especially the local one, and often support these wonderful talents by wearing the clothing pieces to my outfit. Past few weeks ago, I was introduced to a cool fashion platform called Cross The Line. This Hong Kong based web-boutique also aims to support the up-and-coming new Asian designers talent. The platform was established by 3 friends on August 2014. 

Even in their baby step, Cross the Line has already gather 14 designers under the line, currently from Hong Kong and Taiwan. They are 112mountainyam, BLIND by JW, Chun Ting Liu, Clothpoint, C_yc, Envol Avec Ning, Fu Yue, Island Workbench, Plate Movement, Project Juness, Sketcharound, the upcoming XIWI, Glush/ with their outstanding bag, and the award winning accessories line Mipenna. In the future, Cross The Line has vision to gather more talented designers from China, Korea, South East Asia, and a lot more countries all over Asia. Well another thing I personally love from Cross the Line is... to maintain our shopping satisfaction, there's only 1 items available for each and every designs! Yes, means you'll find no other wearing the pretty clothes identical to yours. So grab 'em as fast as you can and go cross the line!  

As a fashion platform, Cross the Line also shares some gorgeous style inspiration every month. This October 2014 theme is the classically beautiful and minimalist Black and White. I definitely can't get over those versatile and clean-cutted pieces above (especially those mesh cropped top by Chun Ting Liu)! 

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  1. Super cute collection! This was my first time seeing this and I love it!




  2. Great post!


  3. Beautiful!
    Kisses from Miami,


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