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9/30/2014 05:51:00 PM

I'm crazy over clear and clean stuff lately, I even put the items (pictured above) to decorate my desk and boost up some mood. Some things change as we grow up, it maybe the style, taste, mindset, or even maybe dreams. I guess I'm changing quite a lot in style. I used to be this girl who wore everything that my mother bought or told me to wear, but now I'm thinking of color coordination, the precision of the design and how some stuffs match and look good together, the cutting or characteristics of the clothing piece, before build them into the outfit I will wear in freedom with my true attitude. Fashion is maybe not an ultimate dream or goal in my life, but since I decided to write on this blog somehow things got better. I can go out to the new places or events and social circle that I've never been before and got me one step closer to the goal, and most important... I learn to 'get in my own shoes' and realizing, fixing, and working toward to develop my true style (because - we know we're right - the way you look and dressed up present your personality and mindset at the first sight. Sometimes this sounded like a nonsense, but trust me that my life got happier ever since. Because you know, even though people around you didn't treat you the way you least we still feel comfort and good about ourselves). 

And as some things on my mind grow up and change, I would like to change a bit or two details of this blog too... But now, let just talk about it later. 

On the picture:

KLAR acrylic choker and bracelet, Revlon base and top nail coat, a clear multi-function mini jar, The Body Shop face brush (the face can't be cleaner without this for sure), GlamGlow BrightMud eye treatment (one of my quick grab to save the day!), Pentel mechanic pencil (a simply chic tool I love since fourth grade!), and a plain acrylic case for the iPhone 4.

PS. If the sun shine longer this day, sure I can capture the picture better. Sigh.

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  1. that KLAR necklace sparked me <3

    visit mine,
    Miss Aa

  2. Clear things can look so chic, great pieces here

  3. Amazing thing looking so cute


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