Christmas in Penshoppe - 2013

1/09/2014 12:20:00 PM

Christmas in Penshoppe was held last December 18, 2013 on Central Park Mall Jakarta. But however, I still can feel the excitement and warm joy over the celebration through the photos we captured. And for you who couldn't make it there, here's some photo galore from the event recap by yours truly. Picture were taken by me and my bestie, Yoan Flo.

The crew asked me to come early to the venue, so we decided to tour around the shop before the show start.

 Meet the Santa of the afternoon! :D

The models were chillin' out before the show

The event was started with a press conference, and continued by the runway show. I enjoy watching and looking the upcoming collection from Penshoppe, the show mood was so laid back and cheerful. Ah, my favorite from the show are the white dress with blue vivid print below and all the beautiful LBDs.

So, my makeover duty was right after the runway show. I transformed this girly and sweet girl called Silvana, into more playful style. 

 Was asked by the MC about the styling I will do.

...and, the result!

And, we also chillin' out with the crew right after the event...

 Mini interview with KompasTV

Me and Kak Andrew Andhika

The man behind Santa (Kak Cuncun), Fauzi Baadilah, and me :)

Ah ya, and here's the complete view of the outfit that I wore on the event:


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, darlings! ;) - xoxo

Pictures courtesy of Yoan Flo & Elshakrist
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