12/29/2013 03:40:00 PM

Hello, I miss you! I'm sorry for being away for a week. I've been from Singapore for some holiday trip, and it was such an awesome getaway - I wish I could stay there for more than just a week. I enjoy being a pedestrian a lot, it seems to my eye that my thighs get firmer - and I hope it wasn't just a fantasy.

Mom helped me to shot this outfit on the first morning in front of our hotel in Liang Seah Street as we heading up to China Town to grab some brunch on the Maxwell Hawker Centre. I was in a mood of sweet child-like dressing up, so I think adding up patterned bowknot on my hair and pastel socks with lace on top would be fun. Also, don't forget to sling your bag this way.

I know I've been wearing this white knitted-sweatshirt for about twice in the blog, but I can't help - this item is one of my favorite of the month! (and you will see me wearing this sweatshirt too on the upcoming post, so hold on your bore, please...?). It was seriously comfortable and it feel so warm to be tucked into this sweatshirt, and don't forget those flirty back! I was dreaming about the oversized sweatshirt back then, so when I've got a chance to chose it, I eventually picked up the largest size. Hehe.
Anyway, this kind of plain sweatshirt can be categorized as basic staples, so I sure can wear it un-doubtfully in the future.

 This picture above was taken by my brother (cousin), Aris H.

What I Wear

Sweatshirt - GaUDI
Belt & loafer shoes - Pull&Bear
Pastel yellow shorts - Nevada c/o Matahari Dept. Store
Sling bag & bracelet - Stradivarius
Socks - Topshop
Scarf (worn as bandana) - Nur Zahra 

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  1. Such a cute and simple outfit, dear! I love your headband :)



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