Jakarta Fashion Week 2014 - Day 5: "IT Girls of Fashion"

10/25/2013 04:04:00 PM

L'OREAL Professionel with Estetica present "IT GIRLS OF FASHION" (Stella Rissa, Rinda Salmun, Peggy Hartanto) (10/23) -- And the girls' runway really proved that they are the 'IT GIRLS'! Stella Rissa's beautiful dresses with the sexy back details, Rinda Salmun's quirky block and pattern dress, and Peggy Hartanto's amazing cut-out accent and geometrical pieces - and don't forget the amazing hair dresser works - such an adorable runway! Scroll through the pages and take a look...

L'OREAL Professionel with Estetica mempersembahkan "IT GIRLS OF FASHION" (Stella Rissa, Rinda Salmun, Peggy Hartanto) (23/10) -- Dan runway cewek-cewek ini benar-benar membuktikan bahwa mereka benar-benar 'IT GIRLS'! Dress-dress cantik dengan detail punggung yang seksi dari Stella Rissa, dress block dan pattern Rinda Salmun yang quirky, dan busana dengan aksen geometris dan cut-out yang amazing - juga jangan lupa hasil menakjubkan dari para hair dresser - benar-benar runway yang menawan! Scroll halaman ini dan ayo kita lihat...




Peggy Hartanto and her army

My favorite...
Dress: the second picture from Stella Rissa, first one from Rinda Salmun, and the second from Peggy Hartanto
Hair: fourth picture on Stella Rissa runway, the first and third picture on Rinda Salmun runway

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