DIY: The Candy Color Crush Clutch

8/04/2013 04:59:00 PM

SUMMERTIME brought happy bright and candy color mood for my outfit, like the bright sunshine was the parameter of it. I was looking for a bright color mini bag, until I remember the neon clutch I got from CosmoGirl! magazine last year issue bonus.
  It was plain glossy bright yellow, and suddenly I've got an idea to give a little makeover on it. So, here we go!

The Candy Color Crush (using nail polish)

Materials & Supplies. You need: 

 1) The bright color clutch
2) The candy color nail polish - I use 5 different tone
3) Nail art brush
4) Dotting pen - or toothpick, if you don't own any
5) Piece of cotton
6) Small piece of aluminium foil
7) Nail polish remover  

The steps. Let's do it!

1) Clean the clutch form the dust or dirt.

2) Make a little dot carefully with the nail polish applicator tip

The first color-pattern suggested like this:

3) Next step, choose a contrast color from the first one. And with the nail polish applicator, make a little dot between the first one.

4) Now, choose the third color - this color should be the center of attraction.
Put a little amount of nail polish onto the piece of aluminium foil.

Paint a simple swirl in the center of the angles made from the dots.

5) After you done, choose another color, and with the sweeping motion make a line with the tip of the nail polish applicator between the dots.

6) Pick the last color, and repeat the last step to the space between the center dots.

7) Let it dry. And you're done!

Notes & Tips.
 1) I decided to leave the other side plain so I can wear it two-ways.
 2) Trace a swirl pattern made from pencil if you're not sure whether your hands won't shaky.
 3)  Use a tapping motion to paint the swirl if you want the emboss result.
 4) Repeat several times on the dot for the emboss result.

[All pictures taken by B. Raharja P. S.]

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  1. hahahah cool diy!!! im a total candy crush addict! lol

    Visit my blog at The Petite Blogger

  2. I am a candy crush addict too. Hehe. And I like that DIY. Thanks!


  3. Really fun and cute diy tutorial, thanks ^^

    恵美より ♥

  4. very creative <3

    Instagram: @michelleothman

  5. whatta creative girl ;)
    I love your DIY!

  6. clever idea.


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