"Mommy, I Want That!" - June 2013: Current Obsession

6/12/2013 05:03:00 PM

Not exactly what I've written above -- I wouldn't (well, I can't actually,) beg on my mom like that -- that's a total brag. But you know, sometimes I wish I was just a kid, spoiled begging stuffs on my mom and dad.
So, after pacing back and forth through the magazine, enjoying mall to mall tour and windows shopping, and other stuffs - here's my current obsession of the month:

1.) Denim
Who's not so into denim? Denim is one of the fashion timeless and versatile piece ever. 
I'm desperately hoping for a new overall and a cap shown below:

  denim caps of Pull&Bear

2.) Mini bag
Oh, no! This is insane: I'm going crazy with mini bag, ever since I bought this mini sailor bag I told ya before. I found it's practical to use, light weight, and holds more than just a tiny role of completing your look - mini bag also can create your look. 
I'm dreaming mindlessly of The Daphne bag of Jason Wu in ivory (though the pastel mint one also cute), Hermes Constance (grey or beige would be so elegant), a black classic Chanel, and Charlotte Olympia's Pandora Perspex clutch. (Quite hard fall to the cold hard ground, remembering your mom's saying, "Have your own fight of what you wanted to," -- well, investing? LOL)

3.) Socks & tights
According to me, ASOS is a tight heaven! Gosh, I would let my mind playing anywhere everytime I visit the section. It feels just like I want to bought every tights available there. Haha..


So, what's your current obsession? I'm so glad if we could share our insanity together ;)

The Mad Shopper tired of wondering hard

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  1. thx for stopping by at my blog dear :)
    nice post!
    currently im dying for looking a mini bag, i want proenza so bad!
    thx for sharing dear



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