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"...RED stands for Realizing Every Dream
according to that because every dream, every goal that I set for myself since the age of nine........., .........has been realized.........., 
...and that's something to celebrate them,"

I like it when Ne Yo said that before he performs that Lazy Love song, it really touch my heart. I have some dreams, and I'm still struggle to realize that -- even though it isn't easy at all. And that acronym of R. E. D. was an exact portray on my mind right now, I know maybe I'm not the only one who feel this.

Talk about red, the color itself also represents strong feelings of danger, sacrifices, passions, beauty, anger, and in China and many other cultures: happiness [ps. since Taylor Swift also named her brand new album itself, Red, to represents the ups and downs of her emotion while producing the album].

Turn up the drama. 
 おいで…。 by *qoo* on Flickr. 
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Since March was just knocking on the door,'s my month -- I decided RED as my color of the month. [pss. Stay tune, I'll keep posting my personal style in red ;)]

Anyway, when I was hangin' out in a kopitiam this afternoon, this verse of poem was just poppin' in my head while I'm sipping through teh tarik  :

Aku merindukan saat saat kebahagiaan itu sederhana,
Aku merindukan saat hidup belum terlalu jauh melarutkanku,
Aku merindukan diriku sebelum saat dunia menggauliku,
Aku rindu... menjadi secercah cahaya di hangatnya pelukan Ibu.

[English version:
 I miss the day when happiness was humble,
I miss the day the life hasn't been dissolving me too far,
I miss myself before world slang me too hard,
I'm longing... to be a glimpse of light beneath Mommy's warm embrace.]

I don't know, but it seems that I'm facing lots of problem, lately...and being a kid again, seems the most great idea that ever comes to my mind, unwisely.

You like it, when you play with danger, don't you?

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  1. Inspiring! I would say my month is last month, Feb


  2. Wow. That first image is breathtaking. Thanks so much for sharing! Would you like to follow one another??

    The Rancher's Daughter


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