Morning Stroll

7/02/2016 09:55:00 AM

Summer holiday is finally here! This morning, I took a stroll out and ride a bike - after a long time. This off-shoulder top just inspired me to do so. I was thinking of pairing it with midi skirt actually, but it's better to riding bicycle with a trouser in real life... I guess?

Anyway, I really in love with this off-shoulder top. It's versatile and breezy, and inspired me tons of outfit ideas to wear! Just if you are wondering what pair of outfit I'm going to wear with this top again, go check out my Instagram : elshakrist.

Have a great summer, babies! 

Love, S.

*) I was wearing H&M from top to toe, and popcorn sling bag from Quinn SG.

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  1. You look like an angel.. Btw, I discovered a shopping site that sell various fashion and beauty items. And also womens button down shirts. Thinking about buying from them...


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