Postcards from 2015

1/28/2016 12:21:00 PM

1.  The beautiful rice field lies underneath the hills and gorgeous sky at Lovina, North Bali

2.  A magical misty morning at a private Pine Woods in Bogor, West Java

3.  The perspective from laying underneath the tall pine trees

4.  Oh Hello, Boyfie!

5.  A summer bonding-time spent strolling around Bayfront Avenue, Singapore with the cousins squad - the girls' hair all pulled into a low fishtail

6.  Took a racing-car ride on an amusement park-date at TransStudio Bandung, West Java

7.  A morning walk with my youngest cousin, Sharon around the Orchard Road, Singapore - before all the shops and the mall open hours and it gets too crowded we can't breathe!

8.  A crazy happy day wildly spent amusing around the Universal Studio Singapore, Sentosa Island

9.  Another afternoon spent riding around Gardens by the Bay, Singapore with the girls

10.  That 'feeling and emotions' captured after-show on the backstage

11.  A Land Called 'Far Far Away'

12.  Happy Father's Day, Pa! - took this picture in serendipity while waiting for the delayed flights as the impact of Mt. Rinjani eruption, at Ngurah Rai Airport Bali

13.  A Christmas Carol gig

14.  Was told that not everyday a fireworks show could be played at the USS, so lucky we got the chance!

15.  A Fisherman's Life: Ready for a Catch Early in the Evening, at Anyer Beach - Banten

16.  ...and so much thing to be grateful of, thank You Lord!

It's almost a month has been going on in this bright and fresh 2016, but I believe it's never too late to be grateful and give thanks for the year that just passed and share some of the best of the best to you! 

What an endowment that throughout the 2015, I was allowed to enjoy some travel experience and the jobs and gigs I am so grateful of - from a community and family gathering at Anyer to the worship weekend at a private Pine Woods at Bogor to a day only getaway to Bandung (both in West Java), from a summer vacation in Singapore right after a concert wrapped-up to a quickie getaway in Bali for a gig and to celebrate boyfie's mother golden birthday party. It was all a blast!

Thank YOU Lord for all the great things by Your grace. And now, who's exciting for another great things and endowments throughout the year to come? I am, definitely!

A note to self: That no matter how much the good times or bad times whirling around, after all it's about ourselves whose in charge of our own happiness and decision on how to face 'em all.

Wishing you all a great beautiful new year! 

Love, S.

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  1. Nice photos! Wishing you a blessed 2016 (I know it's too late already). Oh, and nice blog too.

    Eka Theresia

  2. Beautiful photos! :)


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