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10/06/2014 06:33:00 PM

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Accessories and jewelries are the essential part to complete up my outfit. The luxury one, however can polished the simplest outfit look even in a little amount. I currently in love with the kind of watch (as the three watches shown above) that have a masculine touch, they are classy statement piece that so timeless! Wore them simply to add an edge to the look, or a quick grab for my go-to college style and sporty outfit. Because I often wore my watch like almost every time to run and jump from class to class, to schedule and another meetings, I'm quite worry will broke it by a careless move one day and it won't remain the same... But the worry factor should be shoved off, since there's a professional and trusted service center that really can handle the luxury watch like this. So by now, sure there is nothing to worry about while move actively everyday!

P.S.. Don't you think the koa-wood ring on the top right above look cool and versatile? If only I could have one of it... LOL

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  1. Totally in love with these essentials


  2. Those watches are looking very cool and stylish


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