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7/15/2014 03:36:00 PM

I love to watch my blog grow up along with the sense of fashion & style. I must be honest that this blog has being one part of my life, and I bet some of you are feeling the same way. It has always been my dream to earn the living by my hobbies and things I am passionate about.

Few weeks ago, a team from AccessTrade invited me to join their affiliation program. I absolutely said yes. I have read some information about this kind of advertising some time ago, but never experienced one before. So I’m grateful that the opportunity was finally come to real-life learning about it…

There are generally 2 systems in affiliation business, the CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPA (Cost Per Action). Most of the affiliation companies use the CPC system. This maybe the most favorable system for the publisher (blogger, web owner), but however it can be quite stressing for the advertiser in some case. On the other hand, the CPA system is based on commission; the publisher only receives the part when there’s any final action, such as purchase, register, or download – it’s a win-win solution!
AccessTrade is one of the biggest and trusted affiliation business company in Japan since 1999, that stands differently from most other affiliation company by taking up the CPA system.  The system AccessTrade use makes me feel certain and secure to know that I am ‘playing on the fair game’.

So why not to join this program while we can also get benefits by doing things we love! Get started now by click for free register in a minute. Lets work this out!

PS: I would love to hear your experience too about monetizing with ACCESS TRADE , simply share with me by comments below. xx


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