9/30/2013 04:58:00 PM

Just slightly bored with my own yeah, I decided to dress up a little bit childish and not too style-picky. Have a lot of fashion item obsession lately: arm-candy (and more arm candies...), white color, another sweet and catchy color, shortie, lacey, and more, and more, and more. But too lazy to match up and so in mood with outfit that blow some air (if you know what I mean) today.
So, how's your autumn? It's super hot and sunny in a week, and cool cloudy and rainy another week here. I know lots of people said that there always summer in Indonesia. But freaky me always believe in four seasons, so I always try to see current season in Indonesian "eternal-summer". It's autumn in summer, as I could see beautiful leaves and flowers changing color and fell-off to the street.

What I Wear

Ruffle-winged tee - Debenhams
Green short - unbranded
Bracelets - Madonna c/o Debenhams
White wicker ballet flats - Gioretti c/o Centro
Rings - random accessories shop

Photographs by B. Raharja P. S.

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