Say Hello! - May 2013 Shopping Achievement

5/13/2013 05:14:00 PM

Landed home from the necessity of monthly shopping! I'm kinda satisfied with this month yield, surely because of the spend was under my expectation. Yeay!
I'm not gonna show them to you, now - so sorry (boo! boo on me! - yeah, I know, really sorry); but I'm gonna give out some clue of what they are:

1. A tropical tee with asymmetrical edge - good investment for next season, since it nearly summer,

2. A cute comic pattern of clothing piece that I almost never try on before,

(image courtesy of:

3. My number one wishlist. Finally!!! *rolling on the floor madly*

4. A realization of number four from this month wishlist - got it from one of my trusted fashion commerce website. Good quality and fine material, with economical price PLUS my own reduced fare! I feel so win... LOL

5. My favorite piece of accessories made up from replica of beautiful peacock feather,

(image courtesy of:


6. A cute triangle necklace with flag pattern on each triangle - they're really cute.

That's what I got from this month hunting. What about yours? Gonna share with me?

See you on my next posts with the new arrival!


Elshakrist, right from The Mad Shopper's Dressing Room.

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  1. hey! im holding a giveaway sponsored by oasap in my blog :)

  2. Great post!! Hope you visit my blog!!

  3. I think peacock feather is a good choice, it must be an adorable accessoris.

    Bytheway, I followed you, would you like to followed each other?


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