Trapped in the Playsuit

4/14/2013 02:01:00 PM

 Oh, last Saturday was just great!
I had a superb rehearsal, fun quick-shoot, great acoustic rehearsal, and cozy dinner at the nearest churreria - I really trapped fun in this long-lost playsuit, which I brought home in my playing-years (read: junior high school).

Anyway, enjoy the shots!

And... I just got this festive floral ring from Berrybenka - so adorable, how could a ring collector like me can resist


Pink jumpsuit & headband, unbranded; outerwear, Korz; Studded-lined wedges, Pull & Bear; Floden Pink-ring, LaFemme - Berrybenka

Photographs by B. Raharja P. S.

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  1. Love your boots !! you look had a great time with this photo !!

    Chic Swank

  2. loving your shoes <3 great shots, so fun! xx

  3. the suit looks comfy and i like the bright color

  4. wahhh kereeen...foto2nyaaa bagusss semuaa, tampilannya fresh banget!:))
    kalau punya waktu luang, mungkin kamu bisa jalan2 ke blog aku, dan berharap kamu mau followback blopg aku,aku sdh follow blog kamu loh...hee:))
    salam kenal..

  5. Nice shoes. Wedges boot is trending right now :)


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