"Just a School-Girl..."

3/23/2013 07:02:00 PM

I know, missing something that has been passed is a little bit...dull. But surely, I really miss my time between thirteen to sixteen. I wish I could just go back and optimizing my growth and development - brain and mentally, physically, and socially.
Anyway, I've been sort of bored with pants, so I paced back and forth in my closet to find another casual piece for this hot day. And ta-daah...I found this forgotten t-shirt dress, back to the day when - if someone asked me, "What do you do?" and I'll just answered lightly, "Oh, hmm... I'm just a school-girl, by now."

 Two-tone stripe cardigan, TGIFashion; Black t-shirt dress, unbranded; red slip-on sneakers, Converse; Hello Kitty ring

Shots taken by B. Raharja P. S.

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